Effortless data sharing

Prequel helps B2B SaaS companies push data to their customer's data warehouse.

Our customers are loved by their customers

Deliver a best-in-class data experience

Push data directly to your customers’ data warehouse, so that they don’t have to scrape production APIs and wrangle data into the right format. Cut down data integration time from months to minutes.

Land bigger deals and expand existing accounts

Your mission critical product generates mission critical data, and your customers are willing to pay for easy access.
Win bigger deals

Meet and exceed the expectations of even your biggest customers.

Generate new revenue

Your customers are investing a lot in data extraction with 3rd parties or in-house data engineering, when they could be buying from you. Make native data warehouse integration the easy choice.

Launch in hours and operate without stress

  • Quick Configuration. On average, our customers begin syncing data to their customers in just 7 days.
  • Simple customer onboarding. Use our pre-built customer destination authentication flows or build on the API.
  • Stress-free operation. Once connected, let Prequel monitor and maintain data pipelines, so you don't have to worry about uptime or data quality.

Frequently asked questions

Is an API good enough for data syncing?

APIs and webhooks are great for some things (like querying single data points, or alerting on certain events), but are not built for sharing large volumes of relational data. Prequel is purpose built for sharing data natively into data warehouses, without losing dimensionality or quality. 

How does Prequel integrate?

Prequel reads a read-replica of the data source (usually a production database or data warehouse), transforms and filters that data, and replicates the transformed schema directly into any of our supported destinations. 

Why do customers want data in their data warehouse?

Modern companies are increasingly adopting the data warehouse as the single source of truth for the entire business. This means data generated in SaaS tools (like yours) needs to find its way into the customer data warehouses.

Is this secure?

Absolutely. Prequel only transfers encrypted data, and never stores customer data anywhere outside of the customer environment. Prequel offers cloud-hosted and on-your-cloud deployment options.

Do you keep a copy of the data?

No, we never store or retain any customer data that’s transferred through the Prequel platform.

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