Introducing prequel

Set up your modern
data stack.
In minutes.

We set up and manage your data stack so you can focus on what matters: getting insights to drive your business.

Get insights faster

It takes the typical data team months to stand up a basic data stack. We get you running on day one, and let you focus on what matters: your insights.

Build the right foundation for your analytics program

Our platform is extensible and designed to grow with your business. Your team can build on top of it and alongside it.

Know your business

We get you started with the KPIs that matter most to your business. Whether you’re a subscription, a marketplace, or an e-commerce business -- hit the ground running out of the box.

  • MRR
  • Churn
  • Retention
  • Cohort Analyses
  • LTV
  • CAC


+100s more

How it works


Use one of over 150 supported connectors to move data from prod DBs and SaaS applications to your centralized data warehouse.


Write and schedule some simple transforms to turn your data into something that’s easy to work with. We even provide some core transforms out of the box for your top KPIs.


Run queries over your data, or create & share dashboards.

Let's set up your modern data stack.