We operate with the highest standard for privacy and security

Prequel upholds the strictest security practices for every customer. Our consideration for data security is reflected in every aspect of our product and policies.

Our approach

Enterprise grade security, by default

SOC 2 Compliant
Prequel is SOC-2 Type II compliant. The way we process and store client data is secure and protected, based on standards set by the AICPA.
Prequel supports over 20 IdPs (such as Okta, OneLogin, Google, Azure, etc). Connect your SSO/SAML provider and sign in with enterprise-grade security.
Principle of Least Privilege
Prequel always limits system access to the minimum required level.
Data Encryption
Data managed by Prequel is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. We never see the data we are moving, nor do we ever store it on our own servers.
Whitebox Pen Testing
Prequel undergoes regular white-box pen testing by leading security audit firms. Reach out in order to get the latest report.

Multiple deployment options

You can choose the best deployment model for your unique security and compliance requirements.
Cloud Hosted
Use our standard cloud hosted Prequel deployment for the quickest onboarding, and enjoy enterprise grade security from day one.
Private-Cloud Deployment
Deploy Prequel in your cloud, managed by us. Leverage the security benefits of on-cloud-prem, without the maintenance or monitoring oversight.
Self-Hosted Deployment
You can host Prequel in the environment of your choice, behind your own VPN, and on your own VPC. Deploy seamlessly via Terraform.

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