Case Study

How Modern Treasury shares data with customers on 14 different platforms

When Modern Treasury needed a better way to share data for use cases like financial analysis and business operations, they built a new feature, Push to Data Warehouse, using Prequel’s Data Sharing Platform.
Modern Treasury
The Challenge

Large technology companies like Gusto, ClassPass, and Marqeta use Modern Treasury’s platform to send, track, and reconcile payments.

“When it comes to payment operations, we are the system of record for our customers,” says Product Manager Erica Libby. “The data on our platform plays a critical role in our customer’s businesses. They use it to make business decisions, prepare financials, ensure compliance, and more. That’s why we wanted to give our customers better access to their data.”

Prior to setting up data sharing, Modern Treasury’s customers had several ways to access their data: CSV downloads, an API, and webhooks. However, none of these tools were ideal for use cases like financial analysis, operations, and business intelligence that require access to large volumes of high-quality, structured historical data.

“Webhooks and APIs are great ways to pass event data, but they’re not the best tools for diving into data sets,” Libby said. “For instance, APIs have rate limits. Costs climb quickly when finance wants to pull a month’s worth of transactions — potentially millions of records — in a few hours.”

“Another common problem with webhooks and APIs is occasional data loss on the client side due to problems with data ingestion or API calls,” Libby continued. “When data is missing, we have to check multiple systems to figure out where the data loss occurred. It’s a time-consuming process that ties up product, analysis, and engineering.”

The Modern Treasury team began discovery work on a new way to give customers access to their data.

“We wanted to create a way for customers to plug their data warehouses directly into ours. Clean, structured data would flow from one warehouse to another. Customers would have secure access to all the data they need.”
- Erica Libby, Product Manager
The Solution

Modern Treasury introduced a new feature, Push to Data Warehouse. Built on Prequel’s Data Sharing Platform, the feature lets customers connect any data warehouse, including Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Databricks, and Google Cloud Storage, to Modern Treasury’s data platform, built on Postgres.

“Customers get data directly from the source of truth,” Libby said. “It’s ready for analysis the second it hits the data warehouse, with no additional work required.”

Getting started is easy. Customers simply provide login credentials to Modern Treasury and choose how often they would like their data synched.

“Customers like being able to control frequency. Cloud-based databases typically charge every time users insert data,” Libby said. “Some data needs to be refreshed every 15 minutes. Other data can be synced daily to save money.”

“Overall, Push to Data Warehouse has been a success,” Libby said. “Thanks to Prequel, we can securely share data with our customers, no matter where they store it. The Prequel team has been a great partner from start to finish.”

The Impact
Modern Treasury helps customers move, track, and reconcile money.
Headcount savings
Deployment time
Rows replicated per month
“It’s ready for analysis the second it hits the data warehouse, with no additional work required.”
Erica Libby
Product Manager

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