Case Study

Why LogRocket launched data sharing

When customers asked for easier access to their data, LogRocket launched Streaming Data Export using Prequel’s Data Sharing Platform.
The Challenge

Big brands use LogRocket’s analytics platform to understand how users interact with their websites and applications.

“Features like session replay and event tracking help our customers understand their user’s experience,” Rieger says. “Customers can replay experience problems as if they happened in their own browser.”

LogRocket’s customers wanted to combine the data in LogRocket’s system with data from other systems, like marketing automation and payment platforms, to see how user experience impacts campaign performance and revenue. However, getting data out of LogRocket was complex.

“Customers had to be able to pull data and parse it themselves. That’s a lot of work. Customers shouldn’t have to build a robust data ingest pipeline just to access their own data.”
- Jessica Rieger, Product Manager

With that idea in mind, the LogRocket team set out “to build a new solution that would give customers seamless and immediate access to their data,” Rieger said.

The Solution

LogRocket used Prequel’s Data Sharing Platform to introduce a new product, Streaming Data Export, which automatically exports data directly to the customer’s cloud data warehouse.

“There’s no need for complex ETL pipelines or constant engineering support,” Rieger said. “Analysts can jump right in. The data is much more accessible. Customers love it.”

“Streaming Data Export came to life quickly. There were just two of us working on it,” Rieger continued. “We launched a feature-complete product in one month, from ideation through customer delivery.”

LogRocket used Prequel’s Magic Link feature to streamline onboarding. “Signup is just an integrated form, so we don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Customers can sign up in a couple of clicks,” Rieger said.

“We’re excited about the opportunities that Prequel’s Data Sharing platform has opened up for us,” Rieger concluded. “The Prequel team has been great to work with every step of the way.”

The Impact
LogRocket is a product and digital experience analytics platform.
Headcount savings
Deployment time
Rows replicated per month
“The data is much more accessible. Customers love it.”
Jessica Rieger
Product Manager

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