Share data with your customers

Use Prequel to deliver seamless, white-labeled data sharing. Replicate millions of records in seconds. Update every 15 minutes. Supports multi-tenancy, eventual consistency, and more.

Connect to 20+ platforms
Customer Experience

Your customers can get started in minutes, with no engineering required.

1. Identify your destination
Prequel supports 20+ destinations ranging from BigQuery to Postgres.
2. Select your data
Customers select the tables they want to receive.
3. Set your frequency
Customers choose how often they want data refreshed, from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Everything you need to launch an enterprise-class data product.

Advanced data sharing capabilities

Multi-tenant support
Prequel can share data for one customer at a time when data for multiple customers is contained in a single database.
Schema evolution
When data models change, Prequel will automatically propagate those changes to every destination.
Thoughtful controls
Use version controlled schemas to outline your data and set up sharing.

Fault tolerant & defensively engineered

Our transfer process is designed to handle edge cases that may come up working with a wide range of databases.

For instance, our platform supports eventual consistency by default. When our system initiates a transfer, it creates a look-back window to capture any data that might arrive out of order.

Built-in security & compliance

SOC 2 Compliant
Prequel is SOC-2 Type II compliant. The way we process and store customer data is secure and protected, based on standards set by the AICPA.
Self-Hosted Deployments
You can host Prequel in the environment of your choice, behind your own VPN, and on your own VPC. Deploy seamlessly via Terraform.
Prequel supports over 20 IdPs (such as Okta, OneLogin, Google, Azure, etc). Connect your SSO/SAML provider and sign in with enterprise-grade security.
SSH Tunneling
Use SSH tunnels to connect to source and destination databases, and keep db access restricted to your own VPC.
White-Box Pen Test
Prequel underwent a full white-box pen test by a leading security audit firm and passed with flying colors. Reach out in order to get the full report.
Date Encryption
Data managed by Prequel is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. We never see the data we are moving, nor do we ever store it on our own servers.

Expert service & support

We know databases
Our team knows how every destination works and how they work together best.
Dedicated support
Each of our customers have a dedicated Slack channel. Whenever questions come up, we’ll be right there to help you sort it out.
“The team at Prequel has been great to work with.”
Jessica Rieger
Product Manager, LogRocket

Multiple options for customer onboarding

Magic link
Send customers a link to sign up for service.
Embed the signup screen in your app.
Admin screen
Use our system to add customers manually.

Automated destination documentation

Our platform provides documentation that simplifies customer onboarding.

How to turn customer data requests into revenue

Data sharing can turn customer requests for more data, better formats, and new integrations into significant revenue for SaaS companies. Our guide tells you how.

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