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Software companies use Prequel to share data with their customers. Unlike APIs, Prequel’s platform creates direct connections between data platforms. Customers get better data access, with less engineering effort.

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 to every customer and every destination.

Simple setup

Databases are hard. Prequel makes it easy to connect to 20+ destinations at once.

White-label product

The entire customer experience is white-labeled from beginning to end.

Multi-tenant support

Our platform is packed with advanced features, including multi-tenant support.
Rows replicated per month
Connections available
“We were about to staff 2-4 engineers on data sharing full time. Then we found Prequel.”
Allen Cunningham
Data Engineering Lead
Customer Experience

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1. Identify your destination
Prequel supports 20+ destinations ranging from BigQuery to Postgres.
2. Select your data
Customers select the tables they want to receive.
3. Set your frequency
Customers choose how often they want data refreshed, from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
Customer Stories

How software companies use Prequel to share data with their customers.

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Data Engineering Lead

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