How Postscript powers their high-volume data sharing to all data warehouses

Postscript launched their data sharing feature in under one day using Prequel.
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  • Over 3 FTE saved by powering this feature with Prequel
  • Only 7 hours of engineering time required to launch
  • Millions of rows of data synced per day per customer

Customer Overview

Postscript is an SMS marketing platform with tools to help brands market to subscribers, deliver great customer service, and drive purchases. As Postscript continues to scale, the team made the strategic decision to make customer data a first class product – and they chose Prequel to power this product. 

"Our customers trust us with their marketing data, and we have a strong standpoint that it is their data, and they should have access. With Prequel, we were able to productize data sharing and become a leading data provider. Others don't do this."
- Allen Cunningham, Data Engineering Lead
Postscript Data Push onboarding flow powered by Prequel

Challenge: Building a data sharing feature to support all Postscript customers

Postscript is a core marketing tool for the brands they support, ranging from small brands to large enterprises. These brands need access to their customer data to analyze and understand their subscribers, and the Postscript team began working on a manual version of data sharing to give customer's access.

"At Postscript, we identified the need to share data with our customers 8-9 months before finding Prequel. The initial version was basic functionality to unload CSV/Parquet files to customers' cloud environments (e.g., S3). "
"The first iteration was hacked together. Everything was custom, and everything had to be managed."

Postscript found Prequel to power their data sharing product, leveraging Prequel's fully managed data pipeline to launch and maintain a first-class data sharing experience to customers on any data destination.

Solution: Using Prequel to power a fully-featured Data Sharing experience

After evaluating the option to build this feature in house, Postscript chose Prequel to instantly launch the company's fully-featured data sharing product. 

"We wanted to launch this data product and offer it to our customers. I've seen so many data products/platforms that promise a lot, but when it comes to implementation, it's a lot more lift than what was described. With Prequel, we can focus on iteration and ideation and not worry about functionality."
"I think we spent a total of 7 hours in one day to get Prequel up and running. It was a 24 hour turnaround from onboarding to sending data to our first data destination."

Since then, Prequel has powered the company's high volume data sharing product as more Postscript customers using various destinations continue to sign up. 

"Prequel solved the issues we could forsee and solves the future issues we anticipated. Prequel handles our largest shops and to see all the data that is successfully synced is just fantastic."

Impact: Reliable and scalable data sharing for all customers – launched in hours

Previously, the Postscript team had considered building data sharing in house, and to a limited set of destinations. With Prequel, the Postscript data sharing product supports all customer destinations and requires less than one person's time to maintain. 

"We were trying to solve for better customer experience, and that was looking like 2-4 engineers working on this full time to build this in house. With Prequel, we have more functionality and – I believe – a better customer experience and it requires less than 50% of my time."

As of today, Postscript is syncing millions of rows of data per day per connected customer. With the upcoming rollout of the self-serve onboarding using Prequel's React SDK, Postscript plans to expand their data sharing product even further alongside Prequel. 

"I feel like we've evolved what our offering is alongside Prequel. We had a basic rollout and we've started providing optional products. Now we're opening up to more and more organizations, and moving as much of our analytical workload to Prequel as possible. Prequel has been a fantastic partner to work alongside."

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