Changelog 5/9/2023: Data import, webhooks, schema-tenanting

May 9, 2023
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New Product: Data Import

Prequel now supports connecting to external (customer) data sources to import data! For many SaaS products, this is a critical capability to effectively onboard and maintain connections to customer data. Most of the features we offer in Export are now available in Import, and the API is largely symmetrical. Check out our docs or get in touch to learn more.

Webhooks, PagerDuty, & Slack notifications.

Webhooks are now available to monitor your Prequel account for possible transfer failures. Along with generic GET/POST webhooks, this also includes the ability to push alerts to PagerDuty and Slack for transfer failure monitoring. You can subscribe to new webhooks using our API (see our docs here), and additional webhook event types are coming soon!

Schema tenanting

By default, Prequel assumes multi-tenanted data stores are tenanted within tables using an `organization_id` column. Many customers required the ability to connect data stores that are tenanted at the schema level. Prequel now supports both modes (though the default setting is still multi-tenant tables).

Source access control: Role-based access

For advanced use cases, Prequel now supports logging into the data source as a separate user per tenant. This can be useful for special cases where security or database policies require RBAC for all source queries. You can read more about this in our API docs

Improvements and fixes

  • Protected column name validation. Prequel now alerts users when using a column name that may be reserved in a destination system. 
  • Custom source queries. For special cases, Prequel now supports using custom source queries. This improvement enables some advanced use cases with better support for predicate pushdown and partition pruning. 
  • Optimized destination column comments: In rare cases, datasets with hundreds of columns would be rate limited by the destination system and impact transfer performance. We've optimized our column/table description update logic to avoid these rate limits.
  • API improvements. Regular API improvements and bugfixes.

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