Changelog 2/10/2023: Staging environments, multiple sources, & multiple products

Feb 10, 2023
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New Destinations: Google Sheets, Azure Blob Storage, Cloudflare R2, SQL Server.

We're always adding new destinations, and this release includes a number of new object storage and database additions. Also, Google Sheets is our first "spreadsheet" destination – particularly useful for teams without data infrastructure or who prefer to analyze via spreadsheet. 

Production & staging environments

All accounts now come with two modes by default – production and staging. This enables seamless toggling between the two environments, without the need to create a separate account.

Multiple sources.

Prequel now supports adding multiple sources to an account. If your destinations need to receive data from more than one source system, you can add additional sources and update your config files to specify which source to pull from. Check out our docs to learn how to configure your additional sources!

Multiple products.

Prequel now supports subscribing to more than one product for a given destination. This is useful for data destinations that might need to receive data from different combinations of products. 

Improvements and fixes

  • 25x speed improvement for Postgres sources. We optimized Postgres sources and achieved significant speed increases (~25x faster for large transfers).
  • API improvements. Regular API improvements and bugfixes.

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